I just finished episode five of I’m Dying Up Here. And I’ve come to the realization that I must suspend reality and enjoy the show for what it is. This ain’t a stroll down memory lane for those of us who were actually there at “Not The Comedy Store” In The 70s.

OK. it’s “Goldie’s” , the place where sick fucks go to masquerade as young up and coming comedians. I get it now. And damn it! I enjoyed it. I even like Ralph, the Black Vietnam Vet MC who looks like Michael Rapport. Yeah I know; who the hell is that?

As I stated, I have to accept that even though I remember when Executive Producer Jim Carrey got off the boat from Canada, landed at the “Who The Fuck Is Goldie” club and his big bit was an impression of Henry Fonda doing a G-A-F commercial, That my world is not the one they are trying to recreate. I mean come on, who wants to watch a bunch of smart, hysterically funny people go from sleeping in cars and rolling checks in restaurants with Dean Martin’s uncle, to becoming rich and famous?

However, I think those “Comedy Gold” moments are on the way. And who knows, they might give and old head a warm and hilarious moment here and there. After all, the real purpose of comedy is to give us respite from the drama of reality; Right? Please?


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